Bathed in Purple

Time to upload a few images for the month. Once a tiny yellow flower , I found it and others blanketing the ground on an early morning shoot as the sun rose. Practicing color replacement in PS.

Spider Webs

“Prairie Crystals” – Early morning, just as the sun rises, is in ideal time to find the mist settling on plants, small bugs and spider webs. This lovely web is highlighted by tiny dew drops capturing the morning light. Myakka River State Park and it’s vast prairie is a perfect location to find these treasures.


THEME: Show me your Bokeh

Several times a year I head up to St. Marks Wildlife Refuge and Wakulla Springs. The area is remote and the sights are spectacular. I can always count on this lovely Vermilion Flycatcher above to available for a photoshoot. I love this image and the sharp contrast of his brilliant feathers on the sun kissed plants and water behind him.

Wishing Hearts

Hearts accenting a wishing flower. I have been trying to hone in water drops. So here is another with a heart theme. Found that using tiny needles is the key for me. I ran across this tiny Lilac Tassel flower , also known as Cupid’s shaving brush. It starts off with pink or purplish flower heads before exploding with white wishing seeds. Using a small hypodermic needle to assist with water drops.


Another try at water drop refraction. It truly takes patience and coffee. Now to nail placing individual drops on something!

F is for Feeding

Dining on Red Silk

This lovely Starling is enjoying a mid morning snack. The Red Silk Cotton Tree was full of Starlings all enjoying nectar hidden deep in flowers. The birds shimmer in the sun exposing shades of green between the white specks. It was hard picking out just one image to share.

February: Something Red


This spectacular Vermilion Flycatcher is found at St. Marks National Wildlife Refuge in Florida’s Panhandle. A perfect model, only flying to catch an early morning treat. I believe he knew I was there to photograph his gorgeous sunrise red tones and he enjoyed the attention. A shallow depth of field softened the background allowing my subject to stand out.

Double Exposure

The last time I played with “Double Exposure” was with film. I thought it would be easier with digital. It comes down to a hit or miss. At least this time there is no printing and then trying it all over. Not my favorite image but wanted to share.

January: Spiral

Spiral of Life

This newly forming fern spirals open as it grows. They are hidden in low light moist areas of the woods or gardens. Plant one fern and you will have a “Fern for Life”. I love the soft white delicate hairs.

January: Something Blue

View Inside the Blue –

Thinking outside the box, or inside the flower, this week. I am truly enjoying the challenge as it pulls me out of my comfort zone. This week’s image started with a lovely pink Tulip that dropped a few petals. The flower is suspending above a glass table with water on it. This was a perfect way to capture the reflection. Utilizing Adobe Bridge and Photoshop I transformed the pink flower to blue and created the final image. Canon 5D Mark IV, 100mm Macro at f/5.6, 1/30, ISO 800.


Have you ever laid on the ground and photographed or imaged the tiny world around you? Macro is wonder aspect of photography I truly enjoy. It take time, patience, and a keen eye. This image was captured with an iPhone 11. Photoshop was not used.


Natures Ornaments

Winter walks bring peace to the soul and clarity to the mind. There is always something new to enjoy and photograph in the local parks. The birds are preparing nests, squirrels are scurrying around looking for hidden treasures and seeds from natures blooms fall upon the ground. The maples are phenomenal, displaying wonderful shades of green, orange and red. This tree still holds on to a few pods – “Nature’s Ornaments” for Christmas.

December – Something Red


While hunting for new astrophotography locations, I ran across a quaint park with wonderful wildlife. This beautiful Cardinal posed for me at Istokpoga Park near Sebring, FL. I love the contrast. I will definitely visit again.


A “Little” fun with a mushroom and fairy. The mushroom image is totally a set up on a table as shown.

Mushroom did not survive the night 😦 Glycerin and water were used for the carefully placed water droplet. Visit FB: Foto Adventures for more information.

Feather 2

Feather 2

This peacock feather displays wonderful colors and naturally shimmers. Not wanting to wash it out, I used available window light. The tones in the background are on my IPad. It is displaying a live view of the feather as I was photographing it.



And it begins… 52 week Photo Challenge. Trying to step out and find different items to play with. Creating an image that does not need to edited is challenging but rewarding. 1 shot – ISO 200, f/4, 1/30 sec.